About Markowski Investments

If investors were to learn anything from the past ten years, we would hope it would be the realization of the tremendous difference between excellent advice and the rest of the puzzling advice that investors have received from wirehouse brokerage firms, the press, and self-appointed experts.

Financial planning does not end nor begin with the words, “Buy, Sell or Hold.” Unfortunately, for a great number of people, that has been the extent of the so-called advice they have received. Brokerage firms have gone through an ugly metamorphosis from professionals that acted in the best interests of their clientele, to a financial big-box store, trying to sell you as many things as possible, as often as possible, and always in bulk.

Markowski Investments’ true value is our people and reputation. The relationship which we cultivate with our clients is modeled after the doctor-patient relationship. We are an independent Registered Investment Advisory, not beheld to shareholders looking to beat next quarter’s earnings; we serve our clients...period.

Markowski Investments believes that if we serve our clients well, our own achievements will follow. Our continued success depends on our ability to maintain the highest level of ethical standards. We at Markowski Investments will provide our clients with the highest level of service and technical expertise in the management and preservation of wealth. We are always anticipating the changing needs of our clients and developing new and innovative ways to meet those needs.

Unlike other firms, our business is strictly client-based; we cease to exist without them. We go to great lengths to maintain our performance and relationships. The pursuit of excellence in and out of the workplace is an obligation for all at Markowski Investments. We place our clients’ interests first, act with integrity and honesty, and strive for excellence in every facet of our practice.

A Message from Markowski Investments

Our beloved profession has managed to keep us quite busy over the past few years. Our experiences on the front lines have led us to believe that there are many criminals that work on the fabled streets of Wall and Broad. Over the past decade, according to the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine, well over a trillion dollars was paid out in fines by our nation’s largest and “most respected” brokerage firms. Unfortunately, all these fines and useless reforms have done nothing to help the individual investors that have already been, and continue to be, taken for that proverbial ride.

Our duty as planners and advocates is to go head to head against the lies, greed, and manipulation that turns unsuspecting investors’ nest eggs into mush. Not a single day passes us by when we are not faced with another challenge, another investor that needs our help. Not a day goes by that we do not rise up to meet these challenges and do everything and anything to aid each and every investor.

We founded Markowski Investments with the explicit mission of serving the needs of the individual investor no matter what their portfolio size or income. We also started the company with the belief that, for the most part, Wall Street and the big investment firms could care less for average Americans. Firms continue to treat investors with little to no respect, and investors have become nothing more than an account number to generate commissions and consumers of the firm’s next grand idea.

We at Markowski Investments are sick and tired of seeing investors lied to, misinformed, or just simply ripped off. We have made it our mission to do everything we possibly can to put a stop to all the deception. We accomplish our mission not by dwelling on the problems investors have made, but by correcting them. Our extensive experience in portfolio repair has our newest clients looking forward to better days knowing that past portfolio problems are being dealt with, allowing the family or individual investor to start anew.

We have many things to be proud of at Markowski Investments. Whether it is our robust client growth or our hand-picked team of portfolio managers, the one thing that makes us the most fulfilled is our client retention rate. Growing our practice starts with keeping our clients as clients. This is only achieved by making our customers 100% satisfied with our service. This achievement is attributable to our belief that managing people's money is not about our bottom line, it is about theirs. We believe that with the continued success of our clients, our own success will follow.

That fact alone makes us a practice…a profession, not a firm.

Whether you are just starting out, or you have been investing for years, it is time that you work with a financial planning practice that will treat you like family. It is time you became a member of ours.